Laff out loud is a radio program initiated by JOSEPH OCHE UDEH popularly known as MCSMART. He hails from Benue state, okpokwu local govt, ichama. Idoma by tribe. A student of Benue state university, studying political Science 200 level.

Now! About the show. It is a show aimed at promoting comedians and mc's in Benue, both esterblished and upcoming comedians using the LOL show as a platform to make people crack up there worries, pains e.t.c through laughter.

The show will be featuring segments such as Comedy call, LOL music, LOL celebrity on air, LOL upcoming slots and lots of other activities on air at harvest fm 103.5.

A premier party to mark the beginning of the show at MJ resort Benue 15th of january is to be hosted and everybody is invited to come and laugh as lots of comedians would be present to crack them up.

Stay tuned to your radio (Harvest FM 103.5) for more details.

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  1. Benue entertainment is fast raising at the moment. I love this.


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