About my transformation It is all about giving the people what they want at the right time. That is what makes a person an artiste. It was hard for me because I had faithful fans and I still have them. I still have fans that tell me everyday that if my album comes out and I don’t sing, they would not follow me anymore. It is really crazy; I just have to see how I can manage to satisfy both parties. That’s the reason why I had to change the game. I had to step it up a little. The whole idea was to change everything about me. A big thanks to my team and my manager, Uby Franklin. He has really inspired me. There were times when I wanted to give up but Uby kept pushing me to go on. First, this working out that everybody is talking about, I used to do it when I was bored. I did not do it because I thought it was going to be part of my transformation. I was just working out and keeping fit. Any time I’m bored, I work out. When I’m angry, I work out. I just put everything in work out and I thank God things turned out this way.

Why I have lots of semi nude pictures online That is really 20 per cent of me because I do not even know how most of those pictures got there on the internet. These days, it is very bad because when I perform, the crowd would tell me to take off my shirt. I try not to show off but they say it is my selling point and I have to do it. They paid me so I have to do it. I think taking off my shirt is part of the payment they make to me.

My issue with Opa Williams Opa Williams is like a father to me and till today I am still very sorry for everything that happened. I do not handle negotiations. My manager tells me what show we are doing. If they have paid.

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