•Friends Made: Who is charles olisa?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: A noble nigerian.

•Friends Made: How do you feel been the Mr Nuasa considering how prestigious the post is in BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: I feel privileged,despite d fact that d contest wasnt easy, but i emerge d winner.

•Friends Made: Was the 2012 NUASA pageant your first contest on stage or have you previously contested for a crown? Let us know when an what contest was that?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: Actually, it was my 1st ever contest on stage, although i have performed on stage a couple of time, but it was based on acting(drama) presentation.

•Friends Made: Ok! Tell us, do you have any plan to go into modeling or pageantry part time or full time?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: Yes, but on a part time basis.

•Friends Made: Right! From the information I got, you will be contesting for the next Mr BSU pageant. How true isthis?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: Very true.

•Friends Made: Good! Back to your crown. As the current Mr NUASA (BSU Chapter) what should the accounting community in this great institute expect from you, especially the incoming 100 level students?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: Since the post is based on serving asa model in d department. I intend 2 promote decency,morals, and professionalism both in learning n character.

•Friends Made: Talking about decency. What's your view on dress code in higher institutions?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: I feel its gud, considering the fact that it promotes professinalism, especially a course like accounting.

•Friends Made: Do you have any comment on the recent raise in indecent dressing on campus? And what should be done to curb this trend?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: Yes i feel it is bad, something canbe done, and if i must suggest, i think the school can work hand inglove with security, that is to say that if the school should stopor enact a law on any form of indecent dressing, the security will play an indispensable role by not allowing such student into the school premises right from the gate.

•Friends Made: So where do you see yourself in 5yrs from now?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: I see myself as a graduate in accounting.

•Friends Made: Any last word, advice or thoughts to rap up this session?

•Olisa Charles Okocha: I wish my fellow nuasites success, and I pray for thier support. Thank you.

•Friends Made: Thank you for your time, we hope to see you feature on this great site some other time.

•Olisa Charles Okocha: You are welcome.

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  1. Gr8 vision tho...buh waz kinda passing by

  2. Gr8 vision tho...buh waz kinda passing by


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