The Best Rap Collaboration of the year.The 2013 can’t get any better than this, as the Nigerian Singer and Rapper, who took part in the ”Nokia Don’t Break The Beat” Competition ending up in the Semi- Final in his region brings it on.

The FDP General Fogood goes head to head with his team mate; the World Youngest and Slickest Rapper B-Shine of the FDP Boyz to give the world the best of music.

The track R.I.P got the ill-est metaphoric flows, word play and punchlines.

Incase you don’t know, this track is so blessed by Rick Ross himself.

It got me so high (Urgh!!!) . I played it all day. Got it on repeat.

Don’t forget to get Ojoro ; another certified club banger. Ladies with better waist; don’t  get served. It’s on. Coal City Finest; dope track too.

Anymore tracks on this page proves Fogood is versatile.

Just Download and Enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a Comment


Coal City Finest


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