Former president Olusegun Obasanjo's letter to President Goodluck Jonathan is nothing but the naked truth in its purest form and the ink of that letter was extracted from the tears and blood of suffering Nigerians, the President of Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRC) Comrade Shehu Sani has said. According to Sani, the Jonathan administration has long lost the goodwill of ordinary Nigerians, and he noted that it has lost the patience of its architects. He said Obasanjo's letter echoes the wailing of widows and orphans and the cries of all oppressed Nigerians. "Chief Obasanjo cannot be exempted from the vices of the Nigerian state but his letter spoke the truth to power. President Jonathan presides over a thieving government lacking in ideas, wisdom and honour to transform Nigeria. We are stuck with an incompetent, venal and inept leadership. The government of Jonathan is the lowest depth Nigeria has ever sunk in hope," he said. "President Obasanjo's letter is a mirror that reflected the bewildered and the beleaguered state of the nation. The enthusiasm and goodwill that heralded the emergence of President Jonathan has since evaporated under the heat of his incompetence and the flaming fire of corruption and ethnicity that characterize his administration. His government is peopled by vultures and hyenas who feed fat on the national treasury and dogs who bark at those who tell the truth,"he added.


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