Torkuma Davies Nyior "TKSWAG" is a Hip-Hop/Afro-pop artist from Benue State, Nigeria. he was born 02/01/1988 in Kano state, Nigeria and relocated few years later to the city of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria where he grew up with much exposure to music as a whole.

As a child, Tkswag grew to absorb with acute attention the love for music mostly Rap, RnB, Pop and Rock. He started developing himself musically at quite a tender age and only started recording in 2008. Inspiration for him and influences came from the different genres music he listens to and refuses to restrict himself to just one genre of music.

As an artist, he had engaged in various underground Rap battles and tried out talents shows but never had the opportunity to use them as a platform to be heard or seen, this rather encouraged him than put him off. he never backs down. Tkswag who bags a in chemistry is set to carve out a niche for himself in the music industry with a "Northern" theme and believes to wow every listener, every audience, every crowd. Northern music has never been so urban.



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