Valentine day always comes with that seasonal breeze that cools off all tension for true lovers ,the danger is “let out” and everyone gets a feel of it.Soulomon Olofu- starboy soulz to most of us is one of the most prolific rappers in the North Central and also an astute womanizer to a lot of people’s  perception. His the last of five siblings, born in cross river (calabar) on the 4th august 1994 to Mr. and Mrs.  Olofu, both of Benue state origin.
Starboy soulz got admitted into the prestigious Benue state university in 2011, presently studying languages and linguistics.
Speaking to soulz about valentine  he said “vows parade on the lips of mostly young people this day,
You hear stuffs like:
I will never break your heart
I will not let you down
 Will always be there for you
From now It’s going to be us over all
Am sorry for the way I used to treat you
I will always respect you
And so on…” Will this be the same with starboy soulz ?
Lately we have a way of running into soulz with the intension of getting to hear from him what is really going on with his love life, is he truly a Casanova? a playboy? Or just a kid who is always misunderstood , here is what he has to  say “am just a kid who is always misunderstood, It took  me time  to figure out the cause of this severe controversy, then I realized it’s cos I care less about what people think  of  me. so now my “vow @ val” is  I’ll   care more about what people think about me and focus on  my career/show more love and attention to my girlfriend.”
Omg!!! Romantic yeah? I trust my team so much to know that the next time we getting in touch with starboy  soulz we are letting meet his girlfriend,  I think that will answer the questions and false rumors going round about this young talent.
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