Award-wining multi-talented Nigerian artiste, Professor Bob Ejike, has just dropped two singles from his 22 track album entitled ONLINE. The tracks are Darijimi,and Online.
Darijimi is already a radio favourite, trending on all major radio stations, and a dj favourite.But Bob Ejike is no stranger to revolution, especially in the act. Ejike is the founder, creator, originator, patriarch and pioneer actor, producer and director of Nigeria's Nollywood film renaissance and the artistic technocrat that crafted Uganda's Ugawood.
He is currently the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of the National Edifice Magazine in Lagos. He was in Uganda in the last five years helping to develop indigenous film and music has transferred 
to Dubai from where he will release his next album. Ejike, pioneer of Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, is a lecturer, a singer and lyricist, an actor, a novelist, art critic, columnist, biographer, 



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