One of Benue's Top Model by the name Silas Okebe a.k.a Zylz is a year older today. He also releases a press statement unveiling his project which is aimed at providing a better life for the poor children of Benue state.

Below is the th

I am a Nigerian Model,I am Benue born, I am a Passionate human, I love Children and I believe in Education.

Today 21st April 2014, I have become a year older. In gratitude to God and my country, for years of success and excellence, I officially unveil my Philanthropic Project "PROJECT ZYLZ".

"PROJECT ZYLZ" is an initiative that intends to take 10 Benue children off the streets from the life of Illiteracy and Hawking and secure them an education within 1 month.

"PROJECT ZYLZ" is affiliated with "The Plead Project" and the #iPlead9ja initiative.

Every Model has a Voice,Every Human has a Responsibility to help humanity and champion a great cause.

My name is OKEBE SILAS JUDE and I am proudly Nigerian.


  1. Nice start


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