The ever dynamic and charismatic DALTON marks their  return to the music industry with a brand new dancehall thumper titled ‘LOVE OVERDOSE’. Produced by dmp beat, mixed and mastered by don chyke, LOVE OVERDOSE is a party starter that boasts an infectious beat that marks
it as an instantly recognizable club and street favorite. No new name to the Nigerian music scene, DALTON delivers the signature laid back, yet firm, contemporary flow that stood them out as one to watch even while they aren't under any RECORD LABEL.

LOVE OVERDOSE sticks to tried and tested methods; the undeniably catchy DANCEHALL instrumental lays a sturdy foundation that ensures DALTON dalliance with the dancehall genre comes away successful with a video following soon, DALTON has seemingly crafted a runaway hit in LOVE OVERDOSE.


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