Daniel "Zarion" Nwokocha, aka "Zarioswag" was born in May of 1998, in Lagos, Nigeria. He belongs to a group called South City Entertainment, which includes the likes of FefeFab and Neon. He joined them in 2012, when he developed a love for music and since then, he has worked (and is still working) on many projects but has just released 4 tracks with his group,
South City, which include "Senorita", "Take You Home", "Diva" and "Flexin". He has been featured on some banging tracks such as "Your Body" by GDB, "Gbesunmo" by TayoVic and is working on his 2nd and biggest single yet titled "Balinga", which follows his first single, "All For You" in which the singer intends to show the nation that he's a highly talented force to be reckoned in the industry.



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