The Vice Chancellor,
Benue State University,

The sudden increase in School Fees
I write on behalf of the other students who might not have the guts to write but chose other means such as suicide, arm robbery and prostitution, to solve the current situation you and your management are putting them through as a result of the rise in school fees or tuition fee indirectly.

Ma, all due to respect to your distinguished office and enviable management. I hope, you have considered the economic hardships of most of your students and their respective families. Some of these students can't afford to pay their fees in time because both of their parents are primary school teachers that state government have refused to pay for a year or plus. Whereas, others are from farming families that are displaced and could not carry out any farming activity as result of Fulani invasion or better still 'Jihad'.

It would take you no "Solomon Wisdom" to know that 60% of your students are from such background mentioned above and to understand the predicaments such students and their sponsoring parents or guardians are passing through.

For you and your management to increase fees in form of late registration only show your level of insensitivity to the plight of the students, you swore to guide and look after. Please, just mentally picture yourself as a student and a parent in such tight situation. It's bad. I guess? But I believe you are a Christian.

I beg, you consider your unpopular decision and reverse it. Remember, you have posterity to judge and determine your fate.

Thank you.
Concerned Citizen.


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