From Merrit Achegbulu, Founder

Our nation is breaking apart. Instead of trying to fix it, we are busy pointing fingers and blaming each other.

To our parents, what kind of country do you hope to see your children grow in? is it a peaceful one or a war wrecked country where blood and death can be seen as one of those things? To we the youth, would you like to live in a country totally broken with no opportunities to grow? Oohh you have a plan to move abroad? LOL, remember nigeria has already been labeled a terrorist country and that will affect the reception we get from other countries when we go there, and that is for those who can afford to travel out, must of us cant. The only choice we have now is to stand up for positive change. Nigeria still has hope.

Their is a saying that "America is a land flowing with milk and honey" but my fellow Nigerians, brothers and sisters, Nigeria is Milk and Honey looking for ways to flow by. Its time we start looking for ways to better our lives and start thinking towards creating a better future for our generation and the generation yet unborn.

Make a choice today, let's make sure that change happen and lets make sure that change is positive. The change starts with each and everyone of us.

For them niggas, u can decide to keep chasing em girls on social networks or the girls u can decide to keep looking for attention everywhere, but remember they aint no fun in a country with lil or no peace and security, or mayb you find the love of your life in the process, what kind of nation do you wonna breed a family in? Think about it and make a choice today.

Shout out to a couple of us trying make a different in a time when people listen less.

Shoutout to Mr Okebe Silas Michaels a.k.a ZYLZ a young Nigerian worthy of emulation, a young man who has chosen the way of positive change in this broken times when people choose survival over investments for the future.

This young man has chosen to pick 10 kids of the streets and invest in them quality education through is humble program tagged PROJECT ZYLZ.
To support the project, call 07039009439
kindly follow via TH: @projectzylz

I am Merrit Paul Achegbulu. I am a proud Nigerian. I support positive chance. iSupport »» #ProjectZylz, #BringOurGirlsBack #NaijaYouthForPositiveChange


  1. Anonymous06 May, 2014

    Nice one brother. You always on point.


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