Naomi is many things rolled into one. In fact, she has her busy hands in many pies. She is a seasoned music minister, event anchor, poetess, voice-over artiste and an award winning on-air-personality with an intense passion for God.
The Benue-born songstress who is blessed with a unique voice and style says her songs are meant to preach the gospel of Christ and to worship YESHUA who gave her the talent.
Her debut single 'He's Calling' is a song that preaches the message of salvation. Hear what she has to say about the song, 'I know that feeling of living in the world without God, it's completely empty and worthless, and I also know how it feels when God finally steps in, the feeling is indescribable.
The best gift anybody can ever get is the gift of salvation. This may not be an everyday 'church song', but it's definitely a song for someone out there who needs this gift.... Get it and share fellas.


  1. Nice 1 dear keep making us proud.

  2. Anonymous12 May, 2014

    What an amazing song. Can't stop listening to it. I love it.

  3. Great voice! Great message! I love this. Keep it up, Naomi.

  4. abel Uloko27 May, 2014

    Powerful message with an amazing vocal power to deliver it! Great effort! I see a global anthem underway!


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