Officially the song was suppose to drop the first of may which is known as MAY DAY, a special day set aside as workers day, and four of Benue's fast rising artist, MCDOW, COZY, BOBBY SAKA, SOULZ came up with a song of hope for the nation

It is a common knowledge that Nigeria is battling security problems coupled with corruption and other social ills that is having negative impact on our development as a nation. The situation seems to be getting out of hand, but all hope is not lost.



  1. Anonymous29 May, 2014

    Real hip life .#Nice one fellas @inas_official

  2. Anonymous30 May, 2014

    Boys be boys.... On point

  3. Anonymous02 June, 2014

    Bobby Saka on the intro & first Verse... u all are dope guys... am a loyal Fan


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