Dola-Billz, Undoubtedly Best Rapper in the UK/Naija Afrobeat Scene is back with his latest installment  From the RapstarEp2 The Sequel.
 the follow-up to the very successful RapstarEp.

Dola as been known for taking on a different approach, so he unveils the Art Work of the RapstarEp2 with the Video to the Intro of the Ep.
 So we get a chance to see the Front Cover of the Ep in the very well detailed video .

This Video clarifies the frequently asked question, who is still part of the 166family and who isn't?
 it doesn't have the usual folk of girls or cars,
 Just properly filmed by Brian Would, 
a great performance by the Artist Himself and edited by SHowoffTV from a creative point of view.

All Dola-Billz as reviled is that,
 the RapstarEp2 would be out in June, it consist of 12 Amazing records, 
and that the 1st Single from the project MuleJule would be out soonest.


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