Rihanna accepted her fashion icon award at CDFAs last night in a completely sheer evening gown (made of over 230 000 Swarovski crystals) that got tounges wagging as it practically left the singers breasts completely exposed. She finished the look off with a pair of matching sheer gloves and a head wrap.

Some have called the move "desperate" and a publicity stunt but most fashion gurus have lauded the star for pulling of a look they feel is luxurious, high fashion and unapologetically, feminine and provocative. The move also follows her recent, nipple-related Instagram account deletion which begs the question, is this her way of giving the social media platform the middle finger?

The ensemble was put together by Adam Selman—the very designer who has most helped sculpt Miss Fenty's style identity as we know it today! We've got to know what you guys think? Is this a little too much? Is it a desperate publicity stunt? Or is it a positive, fashion-forward choice that sparks conversation and debate?


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