Mamfe Moria Mhar who is a 500 level student of the prestigious Benue State University Makurdi, a Super model and Costume designer is set to host her own show on Xperience Benue, an online TV show put together by Johnson Obeya.

The show which is titled "The Xperience With Moria" is one of the 4 programs showing weekly on the XperienceBenue Channel which is set to premier anytime soon. "The Xperience With Moria" is a program that features exclusive celebrity interviews. other programs include; FriendsMade Trend of the week, Fashion Frenzy, Xplore Benue.

Mamfe Moria Mhar is official the first presenter on board team XperienceBenue and the door is still open for others.

Expect lots and lots of fresh entertainment, culture, celebrity interviews, fashion updates, event reports, news and so much more

follow moria on twitter @Mamfemoria so you dont miss a thing.


  1. Anonymous26 June, 2014

    Hmmmm. Lovely. She turnup die.

  2. mimiJenipha26 June, 2014

    'Res ipsa loquitor',awesome,fingers tangled sori I mean crossd,abeg u knw what I mean jo,do your thang!

  3. Anonymous26 June, 2014

    Nice one. Am happy something like this is happening in my homeland. Wish I was around yeah.

  4. Anonymous26 June, 2014

    Good one. Prettygirl hostest. I no fit wait.

  5. Barr. Moria? Hmmmm. Loving this

  6. Anonymous27 June, 2014

    Dis is standard! We seriously anticipating... More grease

  7. Anonymous28 June, 2014

    Ok. this is wht TV should be. i no sabi watin EyeSixOneWOWTV be tho.

  8. nice one. Benue is making its own. we proud.


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