Here is a platform for every one of you to showcase what you have got on the Eye Six One WOW Online TV show!!

10 artists of the category;
SECULAR: (5) will feature on weekly episodes of this show.

A total of twenty (20) artists every Quarter would perform on the show and one (1) with the most likes by over 100,000 online viewers nationwide and within west Africa ‎ get the following

1. #20,000 Cash Prize
2. Full Recorded album by Autoclave music studios
3. 1 Music Video Shot by Media Planet, Elite Studios or Oojonye Media
4. 6 months Management Contra‎ct by Shine Entertainment, Abuja
5. 3months Online Promotional Contract by
6. 3month Radio Promotional Contract

All 20 (twenty) of these artists who showcase on the show Quarterly get the following

1. Weekly performances on the WOW show Proper that would be shown to an over 100,000 Internet audience

2. ‎Free Cinema, Pool, and Show tickets for you and 1 (one) person of your choice for 3 (three) months on the WOW recording show.

3.  ‎Weekly radio interviews on 95.0 with Henry Ipole H3:16 and 103.5 with David Orado

4. Your names and photos on all our online and print media.


1. Go to Elite Studio, Vandekiya S‎treet Makurdi or Stainless Image, Symbols Plaza Makurdi.

2. Two (2) pictures of you will be taken of the following categories;
A. Face‎ Shot
B. Full Body Shot

3. Pay #1,000 (one thousand naira) to Studio for Profile Creation and information processing.

4. Collect 12 tickets ‎ to Pool and Cinema that would serve as your pass to the ‎show as well.

The rest of the information would be communicated to you via email. ‎If this message reaches you, spread it as much as you can to as many artists you know. This was put together to showcase Benue to the world and each of you have a part to play.

Stay Glued to the 1st ever 24hr Online TV for total updates on entertainment and lifestyle.

Instagram: @eyesixonewowtv
Twitter: @wowonlinetv


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