Most of you don't know Pastor Nicodemus is a very good vocalist, I mean very good. As a matter of fact, he is a professional singer, song writer and producer, and he is dehm good at it.Lol,
all been said and done, na comedy give the pastor money.

On the hills of his trending comedy video featuring award winning Nollywood actress Linda John, Pastor Nicodemus gives us the pigeon English version  of Michael Jackson's Speechless.Download and share your thoughts guys


  1. I think this guy is good. He really tried in miming MJ's vocals plus the backups were almost perfect or the same. Kudos

  2. So standup comedy no pay again? Oshe

  3. Must u say smtin 2 spite sm1 1 pst Nic.

  4. Very interested, I love that cos it really make me to flash back in those days.
    Kip it up pastor Nick, Nice one


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