Today, Benue State joins the rest of Nigeria in celebrating one of her finest fashion icon and Entrepreneur. Mrs James Oche a.k.a BeeLee. She has in many ways become a role model for the many young generation fashionister trying to make a mark in the industry.
We were granted a one on one chat with her via BBM.
Here is what she had to say.
Merrit: Can with you madam?
  BeeLee: Sure, am Mrs Blessing ene oche, a mother of one son so far and a fashion designer.
Merrit: lets know more about your fashion outfit.
BeeLee: Ok. I sketch and design for unisex, it's been going on for 2 years now. My darling husband is my husband is my source of encouragement as a designer, knowing my passion for fashion. My vision and mission is to take my fashion designing to a greater height. I am also planning a fashion show this December 2014.
I also own a modeling agency called "Beelee modeling agency" which has over 40 models on board for beauty pageant, runways, ushering jobs and photo-shoots.
Merrit: tell us how you do it. I mean been a mother, wife, celebrity and an entrepreneur. how do you manage all these?
BeeLee: Yeah it's quite difficult though, but God has really been there to direct my path. also my lovely husband as always been there to teach, advice and support me al the way.
also I have an amazing team working under me especially my personal assistant, Miss Rita Opke who is always there to take care of my business when I have to be home. it helps a lot.
Merrit: You have made your mark in the Benue fashion industry through your numerous contributions, and you are widely called the Benue Queen mother. Tell us about it and how you feel about the honor.
  BeeLee: Thank you so much. I think am given that honor as "Benue Queen Mother" because am an Ex-beauty queen who had a modest record during my reign as Miss Benue 2008/2009 to be précised. secondly because of my marriage status. thirdly and most importantly I have helped in grooming beauty queens and aspiring models. I also encourage them to be hard working so they can become agent of positive change in the society.
Merrit: on a final note. what massage do you have for the young generation of fashionisters and how do you intend to help them?
Beelee: My advice to them is to believe and trust in God almighty. they should always have this in mind "I can do it, I can be who God wants me to be, I can live my dreams".
I the area of helping them. I always give them hope, advice and also capital when necessary to start up businesses and creating job opportunities, this is my little way of giving back to the society that has brought me to this level. Thank you so much.


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