Patrick Gabriel Oko, Popularly known as R.U.N.Z (Reality UnderNeath the Sun) is a prolific rapper from Benue state who among many contestants came 1st in the just concluded autoclave rap battle. He is the first child of a beautiful family of 6 and is also a student at the Benue state university.
Runz has been working on his talent and expressing it since 2008 till date and has made significant impact in the north central region of Nigeria.
The big question on everyone’s mind is “whats going to happen with Runz now that he’s working with the versatile Producer Autoclave on his EP? will it deliver as expected?”
While your still thinking, listen, share and download the Song 'Them Say' a master piece by runz over the full version of the autoclave rap beat

Download Them Say By RUNZ HERE

The full Autoclave Rap Battle beat is also available for use by any Rapper or Singer
download Autoclave Rap Battle Beat (full edition)


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