Comrade James Oche the Unsung Hero of the Idoma Nation

I did not really know the meaning of the words loyalty and dedication till I met the man called Comr. James Oche, a happily married man and a father of one. My experience working for him has been one hell of an interesting and fulfilling ride. This man Comr. James has been described by a lot of people in different ways but one of my favorites is “Dr. Lee a true patriot of the Idoma nation” because of this man dedication to the growth of the Idoma nation led him to the camp of Sen. Dr. David Mark where he has pitched his tent and remained since then, he enjoys working in the shadows but the results of his hard work and dedication to the course are felt all over the Idoma nation and the country at large. He is highly revered by many youths in the state and serves as a mentor for many around him including myself, the Comrade has truly contributed his quarter to the growth of Benue state and Idoma land, he has directly and indirectly provided employment for many individuals and also made available financial assistance to many both the young and the old and he is even willing to do more in his own little capacity. 

The master political strategist as I like to call him, Comrade James was very instrumental to the re-election Sen. Dr. David Mark back  to the Senate because he believes so much in the Continued Development that our great leader has continued to bring to the Idoma nation. His campaign organization Door2Door for mark which has IG Mark as its patron played a vital role during the elections as most time Comr. Oche would stay up deep into the night and the early hours of the morning with his team strategizing on better ways to better preach the gospel of Sen. Mark to the people. All for the sake of his love for his people the Great Idoma nation. 

I truly do adore this man’s commitment and humility, sometimes he would bored an okada not minding his status just to get to where he needs to be and ensure his assignments are carried out properly and on time. He lives with his Family in Abuja but is constantly on the Road just to ensure that our Great Leader goes back to the Senate and continues his good work I truly respect this young man, I’ve learned a great deal just working for Comr. James Oche and I am truly blessed to have met him. I Join my colleagues and friends Mc Smart, Agbo John, Jeff,  freshbaze, eazygist and a host of other folks in thanking God for his gift to the Idoma Nation, Comrade James Oche we ask that God continues to Bless him and his Family.
--Johnson Obeya.


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