Maybe it was the size of his loins or the confidence he exudes each time he leans over and whispers to my ear “I will fuck you till your legs beg for mercy!” While am seated in the office with the computer before me.

He had this daring trait, a stint of adventure that stirs the morbid soul to life as it paints all the colors of the rainbow before you, he knew so well. Infact everybody in the office knew I was getting married to our boss, there boss. I was this young corper posted to serve my father land but weeks into my service year I was always seen under the table of Micheal Adeyemi shoving his little ‘twinky’ into my mouth, I once hid under the table motionless for two hours when the auditors from their headquarters barged into the office, but this young lad who got employed seemed to have noticed the pattern but dared to try, how we found ourselves in the store room where piles of files where stocked was what I couldn’t phantom, but one thing I was certain about was the he was good and skilled at the art of love making or should I call it sex?, Sex should only be called love making when both partners are in love.

I was on the chubby side but this lanky fellow lifted me up and suspended my legs high up in the air and pummeled my cunt with his dick that my cum gushed out over and over again until I saw the proverbial cloud 9, “Hope this won’t happen again?” I asked in whispers, he used his handkerchief to wipe the trickles of sweat that gathered on my forehead saying, ” this is just the beginning, we would fuck till we get cut” he replied. I never took those words serious as I tried to avoid him for weeks but like an addictive drug, each time I saw him walk past me in the office, I get wet almost instantly.

We resumes our illicit affair, turning every moment we are together in a secluded place to a ‘copulation bout’, he had told me to meet him in the toilet in an hours time, of which I showed up to meet him ‘ready’, he had he fat 7inch cock in his left hand and stroked it with every pride of a man who was sure his ‘tools’ were of good grade, he quickly ordered me to kneel before him while he raised my skirt up, spat on his hand and then used it to lubricate his dick and then inserted the full length of that monster cock inside of me and then began to thrust so slow and sensual that I closed my eyes to savor the sweet taste of his ‘magic stick’, this continued for almost thirty minutes then I began to feel this cold breeze that caressed my thighs slowly, only for me to tilt my head backwards to see the rest of the company staff staring at us motionless.

The security man was told to escort us downstairs, but as we got into a cab that drove us to only God knows where, he used him arm to wrap round my neck and whispered “Will you marry me?”.

Written by Husband Material.


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