About ten groups, under the auspice of the United Idoma Citizen (UIC), on Sunday, January 24, urged the former Senate president, who had been in the Senate since 1999, to step down for other to lead.

This renewed call is coming on the heel of a similar call by another 10 groups, under the aegis of the Confernece of Idoma Pressure Groups, Mark to step down from the race, The Punch reports.

The latest called was made by the coordinator of UIC, Sunday Ogbe, in a statement saying that it was time for Senator Mark to step aside, after serving the Idoma people for 16-year.

The group listed some of the projects, which included the construction of Oweto road, a dam in Otukpo and the University of Medical Sciences that was poorly executed as some of the reasons why they no longer want the senator as their leader.

Ogbe said: “Should this be a credit or a discredit since these projects are either nonexistent or levels of completion are still below 30 per cent?

“Why has Mark chosen to return to the Senate as a floor member, having served as the number three man in the nation for eight years.

“Mark’s 16 years in the Senate is a complete disaster. His achievements were only seen on the pages of newspapers and blogs.

“As the number three man in the nation for eight years, his kinsmen back home had no portable water.”

He further stated that the major roads leading to Mark’s constituency are in bad shape and those that the federal government sponsored was not executed by his referred contractors.

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The UIC’s statement read in part: “It is sad, yet shameful, that Mark is asking for votes from Idoma people he betrayed. He has been using the creation of Apa State as a gimmick to hoodwink our people.

“He promised to use the last drop of his blood to create Apa State; now the story has changed.”


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