According to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, 'Entertainment is any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time, and may also provide fun, enjoyment and laughter.' Some of the popular performing arts in Benue are musical theater, comedy, dance, film and music.

Over the years, Entertainment has been an escape root for many youths in Benue state who would have ended up in the streets as cultists, thugs and miscreants, rather they find themselves making great music, forming award winning dance crew, becoming super talented stand up comedians, becoming next to blow movie stars, and so on despite all the limitations ranging from economic to lack of support from both private individuals and even the government. The sector apart from contributing to our Gross Domestic Product and creating jobs for Nigerians, must also be a strong partner, if not the main tool for the laundering of our bad image outside the state and indeed abroad.

Despite the huge deposit of God  giving raw talents in various aspect of the entertainment industry, we still lack behind. little or no major progress has been recorded in the last few years. More can be done that is why this platform was created for us, especially the key players in the industry to come together and bare our minds on the way forward.

Read comments from some of the key entertainment players in Benue, from bloggers, to O.A.Ps to Music acts. Your contribution is highly valuable if we are to make any progress. kindly drop your own comment using the comment box below

Henry Ipole (OAP):
Apart from the annual shows like Agila Carnival and Mark D'Ball, not much happened in terms of shows, maybe due to change in government and economic recession. Despite that, a few show organizers stepped up but generally, it was a quiet year compared to the previous year.

 The few artists who made headlines the previous year 'disappeared' either because they couldn't adjust to the situation or some on the excuse of 'relocating' for greener pastures elsewhere.

Benue artists have not given up on their dreams as most of them are still pushing against all odds which is quite commendable. Unfortunately, both the government and the private sector and even individuals are yet to doll out cash to assist these artists take their careers to the next level despite the obvious talents and potential that abounds.

Lastly some of these artists are highly unprofessional in their conducts and lifestyles maybe because of lack of proper management and guidance.

Naomi D Believer (Singer/Songwriter/OAP):
In as much as we still have so much to be done, it'll be safe for me to say in all honesty that the Benue entertainment industry has witnessed such a massive and tremendous growth over time. No doubt we're no longer where we used to be.
We've been blessed with so many people in the entertainment industry who are really representing and that's a good one. If we continue at this pace, in a couple of years from now, Benue will become the next entertainment hub in Nigeria.
Our major challenge is that the most of the entertainers in Benue (myself inclusive) haven't really learnt the act of packaging and carrying
ourselves the right way yet. If our talents or ideas are properly packaged, they'll sell better! People don't value us as much as they're supposed to because we haven't packaged' ourselves properly. Don't complain about people treating others better, place some value on your talent!!!

Charles Creation (Music Producer):
The fact about Benue entertainment industry is that the industry is struggling and this is due to the structure already on ground. We are in the state were the major supporter to artistes is the government (that is bad). There is no single endorsement from any company in the state. The event planners plan event without having the budget of performing art in mind cos they know that Artistes will go and beg them for performances in the name of promo. Most of these artistes have good songs/album but don't know how to go about it today.

The possible solution that could reduce the way artistes are been treated is to have a strong and working structure that will be so loud that any point in time they can act, speak and protect the right of artiste. This can only be achieved if we come together and form a body. Some will say but we have PMAN Benue chapter, but the question now is, "is it active?" Let's not deceive ourselves cos Benue has a lot of talent the needs to be harvested. Alot of good upcoming artiste that need a push. The government and people of Benue need to invest in the entertainment industry. Long live Benue artistes, long live friendsmade, long live creationstudio, long live Benue state.

Johnicks (OAP/Producer/Video Director):
The Benue entertainment industry is gradually evolving.
I can say we're blessed with all it takes to run a successful entertainment hub. We only need to emphasize on better packaging and content on the part of artistes, actors, dancers et als and their various handlers and improved professionalism from our OAPs, Producers, video directors, bloggers and all the stakeholders in the industry.

An improved structure for the appreciation of entertainment works will also go a long way to rejuvenate the sector.

Adaji Isreal (Blogger, CEO
As for me I think Benue entertainment Industry is Waxing Strong.. those in the industry are keeping the fire Burning and it's a great thing, from our Music artiste to Movie producers and also the OAP's. But where I want to see improvement is on Sponsorship... there r raw talents wasting no one to sponsor and show them to the world. And also Benue state Gov't should show more love to entertainment in the state.

MC Smart Oche:
Benue state of entertainment right now is alarming, why is because basically what is of essence now is player hating back biting and tribalism in the spheres of entertainment. But one thing is still certail we ain't where we used to be, and would be better when we all support each other.

YKay (Blogger, CEO
The Entertainment Industry here in Benue, sadly speaking is way below par, it bores me when I hear people say "We are still growing, with time we will get there"... We are not growing, the entertainment (generally) is still (asin not moving) here. I started following this industry when I first stepped into Benue state in 2010, and believe me there's not been any jaw dropping progress/achievement made, arts and brands that are meant to be appreciated off the confines of this state are just here moving in circles.

Biggie Brown (Music Act):
They're filled with sentiments and hatred for one another in all aspect of entertainment in Benue state. From models down to event planners lol you know the rest.

TK Swags (Music Act):
It's simple.. Benue Artiste are like Good Seeds thrown on Bad soil.. the Entertainment industry Here in Benue has no definite basis. Everyone is considered a boss when he can pay peanuts at their events.Many a time I here ppl calling or saying " look @ that broke Benue artiste" but there is virtually no support and with recent events, this present government will make it even harder for artiste as we don't see any form of participation from its side

Kside (Blogger, CEO
Well. Benue music industry needs to Grow up, There is no transparency in their mode of operations, especially from event organisers, and in the area of musician, Benue artist are great, there are dope rappers good singers, but they lack good promotions due to lack of funds, Benue as a whole doesn't Support Home, Base shows, there can't pay to watch their own artist perform, because there do not see the artist as been relevant or celebrity, They don't believe in their own artist, Reasons been that most of this artist are not where they are suppose to be but they are covered with pride

Benue Industry need to work more on making thier artist relevant and giving them that celebrity status. And the artist on their part should know that to. Get to the top in music you need good funds (money)

Yeah, so far the  industry is moving fine because everybody is working really hard to make sure they are keeping it moving.  one important thing is that we should all drop some pride aside and work together as though we are brothers and sisters because pride is one thing that try as you might to work hard it will still keep you backward

Doomie (CEO African Dream Ent.):
Benue Entertainment Industry is no doubt growing more each day. There's a lot of people coming out everyday with some really fresh ideas and concepts while some are just plainly repeating what we have seen over and over again.  On a positive note, there's beginning to be the spirit of healthy competition among entertainers.  People are trying to bring something new in the market that is perhaps better than what the other person has to offer. There's been a lot of hard work and growth especially in the past year. The youth have found a new interest which is no doubt in the entertainment industry.  The energy,drive and determination of Benue Youth in Entertainment has just been incredible.  From album listenings to pageants to fashion shows to pace-setting award shows to the awesome bloggers who do the marvelous job promoting brands,it has been a growth worthy of note. We're definitely on our way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in national entertainment.

On the negative side,I have to first point out the level of fakeness in the industry.  Okay,don't get me wrong,there's absolutely wrong with "packaging" as we call it. My point is there's no need being all "I'm a star" when we're all just struggling to get out there. There's no need to mention names but I personally once asked someone to get his fans to vote for him during an award and he bluntly told me he's not a rising star and that his audience was not Benue level anymore. I was stunned but I just replied with a simple "ok". There's no need for pride at this point,we'll all most definitely get there.

Another thing is that,as hard as we'd love to ignore it,we're letting tribalism get the best of us in the industry. I had a friend once ask mr "you don d follow this Idoma people do something abi?" and that question has never left my head,it showed me how something as insignificant as what tribe one belongs to can come into play in something so major as our growing entertainment.  This is entertainment something that is supposed to bring us together,something that's supposed to bring us relaxation not an avenue to strongly align with Tiv or Idoma or Igede or anything.  Our major goal should be helping ourselves to grow standing by each other because the truth is that our growth and success are more important thab our tribes or dialects or whatever.

Then my personal favorite part,support and recognition.  We should learn to support each other's hustle instead of trying to pull someone down,try to encourage people and support them,it doesn't mean your own hustle will means we will all grow together,there's enough room for everyone to grow and bloom. Recognize someone's effort,don't pull people back you're pulling yourself back in the process.


  1. This is what Benue State entertainment needs. Must of the guys who commented mentioned some common flaws. It thinks it's time we come together to make this work.

  2. Kae Adams, I totally agree with you. sentiments is whats killing us. Why dint Henry Ipole mention Miss Idoma.

  3. May God Help us all. #amin

  4. I agree with Biggie Brown.there's too much sentiments and Hate. Everybody just needs to come together, and support each other to build the industry. Benue is really blessed with Talents, Believe Me. + they should all stop running to Lagos, u musnt be in Lagos to make it. Build ur Brand here and watch others follow suit.

  5. Can't consider stunted growth as growth, its 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards.
    Every year an average of 10 cars are given to different girl in some mostly flawed competitions of popularity rather than value,
    Look at the car being given to Mr tourism from the organiser to contestants its disgraceful for all of them. Isn't somebody supposed to check those kinda things? Just asking tho
    How many entertainment based show have happened in the last 3 years? And I'm not talking rubbish paegentry and traytor is keeping it real 100% madshout to him.
    Now awards:smh smh its the people that haven't worked a single day in the year that be campaigning up and down for awards, then when you merit an award you then have to pay for your name to be engraved..its ultimately futile and point less where's the prestige in coming to an award you already know you've won? Just asking.
    As for this new government and its involvement with entertainment and its growth, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

  6. Identity Reserved26 January, 2016

    I was actively involved in cultism and many ills, but recently music has kept me busy. I think this are the kind of things the Benue entertainment industry should be putting together more. its a welcome development. Lets stop all the hate, respect each other and work hard hand in hand.

  7. No doubt, there is growth taking place but there is no oneness, no teaming amongst us. Growing alone is good but growing together is best.

  8. The problem is finance, if there's money... Artist be paid for shows, organisers be paid for organising, promoters be paid for promotions, producers, OAPs etc. Everyone will be happy with what they do and just like mag!c, everything will fall in pace. I Am McDow

  9. The problem is finance, if there's money... Artist be paid for shows, organisers be paid for organising, promoters be paid for promotions, producers, OAPs etc. Everyone will be happy with what they do and just like mag!c, everything will fall in pace.

  10. We need more investments from the government and private sector. we need our people to appreciate our effort, we need our fellow colleagues to show more love. Benue got it. and we will get there by Gods grace

  11. Its time for Them to come out and bare their minds now oh. but they would rather lock up and watch. pride will kill you people. I agree with Biggie brown. too much hate and envy going on.

  12. Actually every single opinion is right and true, but the fact is, it's not the first time such things are being mentioned, believe me the same people saying this are same people who will turn you down tomorrow when U meet them, upcomings in the industry go to shows and they are always asked to pay before performing, most of the people above when you meet them for support in one way or the other, the way they will charge you, you will think they don't have conscience, and here they are saying things they won't adhere to. pride, fake life and tribalism has become the uniform in benue entertainment. they have spoken but they won't work with it, but believe me when God say it's your time then no man born of a woman can stop you from achieving.!
    NOT compulsorily FREE but treat one remembering that life continues and you don't know what tomorrow might become. few are real but many are Fake we all need God.


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