So I came across this early this morning and I thought why not share this as I am also a huge fan of this man who in his own lil way, intentionally or unintentionally put a smile on passer bys through his work on the street of Makurdi, Benue State. 

Mrs Onyinye Okoye, Founder and head teacher at Orenda Schools and Educational Service and also an ambassador for Oraflame Cosmetics who met with Mr Pius Igbe shares the story. 

Read what she posted on her Facebook about her experience with this rare man of the Nigerian Police. 

I am a big fan of this man, He is Pius Igbe. He is a traffic warden and usually rotates spots and junctions, however he is mostly on the modern market junction makurdi. I see him happy all the time. My children love to wave him bye and he is always prompt in his response to them.
His smiles
His gestures
His patience
His charisma 
I can go on and on, one thing I know for sure is that HE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT HE DOES. Under the rain and under the hot sun. I have been looking forward to taking a selfie with him, but each time I pass, he is busy directing traffic and I would not want to disrupt his work.
Today I got my selfie......yippppppeee, with a CELEBRITY worth celebrating. Sometimes, it is just good to stop and tell someone WELL DONE. Appreciation can go a long way.
NEWSLINE OF NTA, (this is some good report for you)

Join me celebrate this passionate traffic warden.... Mr. Pius Igbe. (Drop a comment if u have seen him work cheerfully before)
And by the way, I had to FLAME him up. He got an ORIFLAME perfume......Smelling good while"


  1. Anonymous16 June, 2016

    Nice.. Well done to him..


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