What are the challenges you face with the management of your school and how are you tackling them?
One of the major challenges now is this none payment of salary, it affects the way parents respond to the payment of school fees.
Secondly I will say inflation and epileptic power supply.
On how I tackles these problems I source for fund through other means to take care of the day to day running of the school and to pay salaries if I have to because I am trying very hard not to owe my staff,when there is no light I use inverter to enable the teachers use the LED's and projectors because I use interactive CD's for better understanding. On inflation I don't have a choice than to pay more to get my teaching aids, educational materials and CD's because I import most of them from Canada.

What's your competitive advantage?
I employ my teacher strictly on merits, after oral interview, I will give a written test,then I watch you teach before you can be employed. I also send them for training regularly so that they can be up to date.This has really given me an edge. 

Why should anyone pick your school?
Wow! It might interest you to know that my pupils can't spend 30minutes anywhere without been asked"which school do you attend"they are simply outstanding!with good command of English language.Ages 2-3 can identify and write upper and lower case Aa-Zz, figure 1-60,Number words 1-10 and still counting.Ages 3-4 are already reading three to four letter words.
As you can see the environment is serene with well equipped play ground, well stocked library, organized classrooms with ratio of 10pupils to a teacher for maximum attention, ultra modern creche with trained and God fearing nannies,I can go on and on.My staff and I always get "thank you very much you guys are doing a great job"from parents. During our last open day my parents could not hide their joy one of them told me "I couldn't have asked for a better school God bless you".you see excitement in the kids when they are coming to school this has made the parents to be at peace because they no their kids are in safe hands.
What does the word school mean to you?.
To me a school is a place we learn, acquire knowledge, a place where destinies are shaped and formed. Above all a home away from home.


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