Idoma National Forum, the Highest Idoma Voice for the development of the Idoma Father land has officially endorsed Agilla Carnival as Idoma National Carnival, this development was reached in a meeting held by the excos and members yesterday 29th October at Otukpo. The further hailed the Commitment of the President Prince Edwin Ochai to bringing such an initiative to the Idoma people and Benue at Large the also commended the activities of the carnival so far and pledged their surpport, in a statement by the forum they urged Prominent Sons and Daughters of Idoma Land both home and away to try and be part of this years Agila Carnival kick starting from 22nd to 25th December 2016 at Otukpo as the carnival seeks to merge Entertainment and culture while recognising the Idoma Heritage.

in a similar manner the Eko k'idoma Club of Portharourt also recognised and endorsed the Agila Carnival 2016 during their meetng held last week. They also pledge their full surpport and promised to give a special prize to the best performing cultural group in this year's Carnival.

Agila Carnival 2016..... #Revolution4

For more info on particpaton and Sponsorship please call:08033288608



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