As part of the programme build up to the Woman on Fire Celebrity Dinner/Awards night, NFOB GLOBAL  brings to you a  'Self Awareness and Personal Growth 'seminar titled' THE BLACK WOMAN: KNOW THYSELF'.

The WOF personal growth seminar bring profound healing and self-awareness as  you uproot and identify the true, often hidden, causes of your greater life struggles, issues and stress.  These underlying, repressed blocks, wounds and limiting beliefs hold you back and often wreak havoc on your self-image, your relationships, your natural happiness and the overall quality of your life experience. It is time to be free, to release all that holds you back and enjoy your life to the fullest!
The seminar is packed with powerful programmes and lectures that lead women to dynamic growth, wholeness and to tap into their own innate and spiritual power.

Attendance is a must for all women!
Stay tuned as we unveil our resource persons this week!
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