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Is there Hope for Girl Child Education Upsurge?

New study by One.Org shows that 130,000,000 million girls are out of school and it has been proven that lack of Education is estimated to be the greatest problem and root of several other issues affecting Girl children. 

Makurdi, Nigeria- April 18th 2017,
Ngunan Ioron- Aloho, a lawyer and founder of Samuel Ioron Foundation who in February 2017 was selected as one of A World At School Global Youth Ambassador in Africa kickstarts the proposed project to send girls to school. The project was launched on the 25th March 2017 by a 9 person Team which will be hosted on the 16th June 2017(African Child Day).

Although people are aware of the problem of Girl Child Education and a few have made efforts to support and promote Education amongst girls, it still is not a solved issue. There is growing anger about the ills affecting Girls, and the worst case scenarios are those in Rural communities , as such molested girls allow such crimes upon them due to lack of knowledge. 
Most recent research indicate that Rural girls brought to live in urban towns or cities are often victims of Incest Rape and other sexual abuses without knowledge of such. Some are victims of child labour, mistreatment amongst other hardship. Key findings show the following :
Among the 130,000,000 millions girls who are out of school, 72% are those living in Rural communities where there are either no schools or the means to fund Education. 

65% of the Girls live in rural communities where schools established tutor students in their local dialects only thus hindering English language communication.

Another 45% of these Girls get married at most, ages 13- 16, which leads to increase in teen pregnancy and an alarmingly huge number of maternal mortality rate. 

35% of Rural communities dwellers comprising of parents and guides do not believe in Girl Education thus refusing to fund their daughters/wards to school.

Yet another 20% of parents have the means and desire  to train their daughters to school, but because of the lack of knowledge of how important Education is, most girls opt for marriage and are themselves not interested in schooling.

The Aid a Rural Girl School Project offers a different kind of support system designed to actualize the dreams of young girls. 
Prep talks, and shared information of the importance of Education which will be disseminated through social media will be carried out.
The dangers of the social vices on the Girl Child will be explained and discussed in details with Girl children and others concerned. 
Funds will be raised from different angles and sectors to support the Girl child's Education.
The Girls will be taught and trained different entrepreneurship skills and their products  marketed thereafter to enable them earn a living.
Progress in school work will be monitored, evaluated and improved upon.
We hereby call on all Organizations, Companies, Private Persons and Parents to join us towards this quest through partnership and sponsorship.
Our office is located at No 9571, Off Ikyumior Yaga Street, Modern Market Road, Makurdi. 
Contact numbers: 08067719223, 08160079132, 09099467150.

                   Ngunan Ioron-Aloho
Founder, Samuel Ioron Foundation, A World At School Global Youth Ambassador.


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