A 100 Level female student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Ariyibi Ayomide committed suicide in a way that can only be described as humiliation.

Ariyibi Ayomide
Ayomide Ariyibi. Instagram

On Thursday, her room mates' belongings were reportedly missing which includes clothes and make-up. After hours of searching, they were found in Ayomide's bag and as a result, she was disgraced.

Reports say Ayomide's mother later came to the hostel (Amina Hostel) and paid for the belongings said to be worth about N2,000 and took her daughter home.

Ayomide's mother, a UNILAG staff was said to have left her daughter at home only to come back and find her in a critical condition.

It was later discovered that the young lady drank Sniper (an insecticide).

To cut the long story short, Ayomide gave up the ghost at LUTH on Friday (yesterday).

She was until her death a student of the faculty of business administration, department of Employee Relations and Human Resources Management.


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