2017 has been a really huge year for Benue Music Industry. We have been treated to good music, Videos, beefs among some artistes, drama and major trends that got people talking.

As we draw closer to the middle of the year, it is just right we look back at the months on view and give props to those who deserve them. It is in this light I will we would like to put 10 of the most talked about Artist In Benue State in 2017 so far.

The list we are going to try and put together will be listed in no particular order and is not based on who put out the best song, but who was most talked about on Social Media around Benue State.

10. Mcdow


This lad has been on the roll, perhaps Mcdow is one of the most talented act from this parts and it is also worthy to note that this lad is one of the most featured artists in Benue if not the North Central Nigeria.
Like I rightly mentioned earlier, Mcdow has been on the roll with features and songs but the one that got the Benue people talking was his latest single titled "Fan Or Hater". Am not here to describe any song, but Fan Or Hater produced by Joe Waxy got us vibing to Trap Music like never before.

9. Kiral


Here is the Mad Dragon Entertainment first lady. After signing a deal with the outfit last year, Kiral has not looked back, every work she puts out is a bang, it's well received by her growing & strong fans. 2017 has also been good to her putting out "Slay Mama" one of her biggest song yet which was off the Mad Dragon Ent. GAME CHANGER EP featuring her label mates, Runz and Boi Beezee.  Now Slay Mama was a song that got Kiral as a topic of discussion within the Benue Social Media circle. She also performed the song at the just concluded Voice Off The Street talent hunt, season 2 putt together by Mad Dragon, a performance that was well loved and got her some props among her peers.

8. Boi Beezee

Boi Bee

We love to call Boi Beezee Nigerian King of trap music. A young lad, dope producer and an all round talented hip hop artist, Boi Bee has continued to win the hearts of fans across the country with his Drake like but unique style. Also part of the Mad Dragon Entertainment family, Beezee has gone along to produced a lot of top notch songs most notable which is his latest song "With You" that has been well received and talked about therefore making him a worthy mention on our list.

7. Runz


The young Dragon himself. This list won't be complete without mentioning the name Runz. The Mad Gragon Entertainment artist is surely on top of the food chain in the Rap scene in Benue and also, he has been consistent with the quality of sounds he puts out, like JARA produced by Double G. Jara was well talked about among not just hip hop heads, but also critics as well. The low point for him this year would be his performance at the Voice Off The Street Talent Hunt 2017 that ended on a rather sad note when the lights went off at the middle if his performance. That got fans hyped & he got some buzz off that sad incident.

6. ChaCha


The Diver herself. Cha Cha a.k.a De Lyrical Diva has always been on the lime light within the Benue Social Media scene. Cha Cha bagged the award for Best Female Act at the last Benue Youth Choice Awards and got some really nasty feedbacks on social media suggesting she didn't deserve it. Well I guess her fans believed in her talking about works and quality of works, ChaCha will be on the top list of any critics, from her Let Em Talk smash to Heartbreak. She is a worthy mention. Watch out for her.

5. Yung Kiz

Yung Kiz

After taking a long break from the Benue Social space musically, Yung Kiz finally returned. He didn't come empty, he came with a bang titled "KOBA" now Afro Pop never sounded so good fused with hip hop.  KOBA became a slang among his fans and indeed within the Benue Social Media sphere earning him a spot on our list.

4. George Milla

George Milla

With a couple of good songs under his belt, George Milla deservingly makes our list. His song "Like This" is one of the most anticipated songs in recent times within Benue, it was highly buzzed and talked about. I would love to do a review on this song, but that's a work for another day. So here you have it. George Milla guys.

3. Limoblaze


3 out of 5 times when you ask around Benue and it's environs who is the Best Artist, Limoblaze would definitely pop up. An award winning Gospel act, songwriter, singer and Rapper, Limo continue to shine through. 2017 has also been good to him as he went on to release a music video to "Forever" Directed By Eyez of LensiveMedia (off the Blind Album), a Video that got people talking. It was refreshing to finally watch Limoblaze on the screens.

2. Floxzy


Hard work and dedication pays. Floxzy has been one of the most consistent act in Benue State of late, from rocking stages to putting out massive songs back to back. The Rap Queen has also landed a deal with Royalty Entertainment, a PH based record label. She continues to shine ofF our timelines with positive reviews. She also has a really big song out titled "Streets" produced by Sparxzy currently doing well and getting props among hip hop heads. We are proud to include her on this list.

1. Lampson


In the beginning of this post, I said this list was put together in no particular order, well that was true only for the other 9 names.

Here is the mother of all of them. Lampson the Dekwaghla crooner came up with the biggest trend in probably the history of Benue Music. Social media was literally on fire as everyone was using the hashtag #DeKwaghla, in fact, it's still in trend at the time of this post. The song was sadly also the worst received song as well and the song came out half baked. Shots were fired, blames were traded among Lampson and the producer of the song. Lampson also received lots of love and encouragements amidst the whole drama and he is back on his feet ready to work harder and come back better. So that been said, Lampson is a sure worthy mention on our top 10 most talked about Benue Artistes 2017 (1st Half)

There you have it. You think we didnt missed out on someone who deserved to be on the list? Drop a comment below and let us know. Thanks for your time.


  1. Awesome stuff. We in Lagos has been fully entertained. Benue Music is growing

  2. This is the kind of content that I like to see. Lovely. Nice way to promote a growing industry.

  3. Hahaha. Dekwaghla is still trending. Number 1.nice

  4. Anonymous27 May, 2017

    Benue is rising. Nice one. But out of all, not only one gospel artist make am?

  5. Anonymous27 May, 2017

    This is rubbish

  6. Anonymous27 May, 2017

    Milla Milla all the way

  7. John Jon27 May, 2017

    Me and my goons be in Abuja Vibing to Floxzy and her latest jam for the streets. Good one

  8. Anonymous27 May, 2017

    I like this very much. Too bad it may not be much talked about. Benue people like bad news pass good news

  9. Anonymous27 May, 2017

    Let's Celebrate our own from time to time abeg. Dekwaghla for all the haters 😁

  10. Anonymous27 May, 2017

    I finally heard this Dekwaghla song. I now know why it was most talked about. Lol. Benue got talent

  11. Queen Ella27 May, 2017

    I would forgive You one last time for not mentioning one good artiste(Iorfa Israel) with stage name #i2
    that guy is incredible..

    1. I dont know who he is, but please read the post well.

  12. Even as am typing now dekwaghla is still trending

  13. The list is awesome. I love Floxy, I call her the BENUE FIRST LADY she can testify to that. Watchout for the BENUE TALENTED YOUNG ARTISTE based in Abuja MOFYNEST D SOUNDKHID (Kudahot)

  14. My name is MOFYNEST,Iam from Benue state (Tiv) but I reside in Abuja. Iam an Afro Pop/Hip Hop artiste. I have see all the goodwork put on by all the Benue artistes and im confident we will go places. Please how can I upload my song on this website.


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