By: Oche Tony Onazi 

It is true that Nigerians don't undermine some special holidays and celebration period, the Christmas holidays is one of such and over the years the Organisers of the popular Mark D'Ball bring resources and ideas together to stage the widely attended fiesta.

A sad event occurred last year which altered the enormous joy derived from the Sports and Entertainment carnival, one Edwin Owoicho obtained a court injunction restraining the Organisers of the yearly event from putting up the 2016 edition. Unfortunately for this self seeking individual who may have been backed by some sadists , the main sponsor of the event, Senator David Mark is a Law abiding Citizen, this led to the stop of Mark D'Ball for that year. 

With the above in mind, the Think tanks of Mark D'Ball led by the CEO Igoche Mark came up with a developmental solution which was; to have the Mark D'Ball arena. With this decision matched with action no sinister move from any quarters can put the blazing passion of Our People to a quench ever again. 

Mark D'Ball's importance economically, socially and other wise cannot be overemphasized and as such the host community has from the joy expressed on its comeback shown the world that the event means everything good to them. The Basketballers, fans, Hoteliers, Commercial Cyclist, Market Women, 


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