Basketmouth: Biography, Age, Networth, How He Started, More + His Picture With Kevin Hart

Bright a.k.a Basket Mouth is your sure bet if you want to get your ribs cracked. You will be the joke if you have never listened to any of his materials or watched any of his shows. 

He is one of the most talented comedian out of naija that have been in the comedy business for a very long time. You barely see him cracking jokes these days but he is using more of his time in building up talents, young comedians with great potentials and also he is organizing comedy shows.
A lot of people only know him on stage but does not really know more than that about him, but there is more about him to talk about than being on the stage. Let us get to meet the man Basket mouth.


: We all know him as Basket mouth on stage, but the name given to him by his parent is Bright Okpocha.

AGE: He is currently 40 years old, born on the 14th of September, 1978 in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria.

STATE OF ORIGIN: He is an indigene of “God’s Own State”, Abia State, Nigeria.

NET WORTH: For now, Basket mouth remains the second richest comedian in Nigeria after Ali Baba, he is currently worth N2 Billion. He really takes his comedy business seriously and apart from that, he makes more money from endorsement deals with several Brands in the country.

FAMILY: He is married to Elsie Uzoma Okpocha, they got married in the year 2010 and blessed with two (2) kids, Jason Okpocha and Janelle Okpocha.

EDUCATION: Basket mouth had his primary school education and secondary school education completed at Apapa, Lagos State after which he got admitted inti the great University of Benin where he studied Anthropology and Sociology and got his first degree.


His comedy game didn’t just start in one day, it may interest you to know that he was a rapper at a point in his life, that is in the year 1995. But before then he was discovering and improving on his drumming skills. The rapping journey for him was not really a successful one, he first formed a seven-man group, called DA PSYCOPATHS, but before they could release any official song, the group broke up. He didn’t still give up on his rap journey, he then started another group with his own brother Godwin and his friend Muyiwa. It was called DA ODDS, Although, it went a bit farther than “Psychopaths” as they were able to perform at shows but it also didn’t breakthrough in the end.
He was asked once when he was younger that what would he like to be in the future by his friend’s mother and he responded that he would like to be a comedian to the shock of everyone around, he didn’t know that would be his lifetime profession. His breakthrough came in the year 2001, when he went to meet Alibaba in Lagos when he was a student at UNIBEN.
Alibaba said he chose Basketmouth because it defines who he really is.


- Hanging with the boys

- Motherland Concert which was hosted by Lagbaja

- Choice FM comedy show

- International Conference at Ethiopia (he was the only Nigerian there)

- . he has his own comedy concert “Basket mouth Uncensored”, both in Nigeria and abroad.

- He had a sold out concert on valentine’s day, 2017 at wembley arena which made the public consider him as one of the greatest comedians in Africa.


- In the year 2005, he won the National Comedy Award

- In the year 2006, he won Best stand-up comedian of the year


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